Candice's Incredible LASIK Experience - Planchard Eye & Laser Center Candice's Incredible LASIK Experience - Planchard Eye & Laser Center
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Tell us about yourself and how you came to have LASIK and Planchard Eye and Laser Center?

Lasik Shreveport TestimonialI am currently a marketing director for a regional mortgage company, but before that, I worked as a LASIK coordinator for several large ophthalmology practices. In a sense, I was an insider and knew the questions to ask when it was time for my LASIK procedure. I was VERY selective.

I had worked for several LASIK surgeons in Dallas, and relocated to Shreveport. I worked for one of Planchard Eye’s competitors there for two months, but wasn’t happy with the “churn and burn” model I saw at that particular practice. They were all about more patients with little regard to the actual patient care they were providing.

It was 2004, and the FDA had recently approved blade-free LASIK. The laser company that introduced the Blade-Free LASIK procedure respected Dr. Planchard so much that they asked him to be the first surgeon in the region to perform All-Laser LASIK.

I knew Dr. Planchard through a professional relationship. He knew that I wanted LASIK, and he let me know about this opportunity. Because it was Dr. Planchard who was going to perform the surgery, I volunteered because he had incredible surgical hands and I trusted him.

 How Poor Was Your Vision?

I was incredibly nearsighted. I could not see the big E on the board, and I always wore contacts, which caused me issues. It seems like I always had pink eye, allergies, or dry eye. I was the premiere case of all that is involved in being nearsighted.

Was Your LASIK procedure a success?

My surgery was a HUGE SUCCESS and LIFE CHANGING. It has been ten years and I’m still 20/20 and free of glasses and contacts.

What’s been the best part of life-post contacts, and glasses?

My number one benefit is no longer waking up in the middle of the night being unable to see the alarm clock or fumbling for my glasses when I wake up. I get up seeing.

A second benefit is no more dry eyes. My eyes were terribly dry. I had plugs put in to treat the symptoms, but, in my case, nothing seemed to help. The older I became, the more allergies and dry eye I dealt with and my contacts made matters worse.

My golf game is more enjoyable. I played golf throughout high school and in college. It was a pain having to carry contact solution with me, stopping to put drops in along with needing an extra pair of contacts in case one fell out.

I LOVE the freedom of not having all the responsibilities that come with contacts–remembering solution and contact case. When traveling. I had times where I’d have to set my contacts in a glass of water in the hotel. NOT ideal!

 What is the difference in Planchard Eye and Laser Center’s approach?

Dr. Planchard does not focus on speed. He focuses on QUALITY.

I’ve worked for many LASIK surgeons whose goal was, “How fast can we get patients in and out of here?” Some surgeons also have you see an optometrist for your follow-up, but this was not my experience at Planchard Eye and Laser Center.

I met with Dr. Planchard himself, and he held my hand from the moment that I arrived for my initial candidacy all the way to the very end. He never stopped seeing me through that process. He’s accessible. He doesn’t line or stack people up in his waiting room and then just sit there with people on a “conveyor belt of Lasik procedures.” There’s just a whole other level of comfort that you have when you go into their office versus other offices.

How else do you see this distinction?

Dr. Thomas Planchard and Dr. Brian Planchard will not use a piece of technology until there are case studies that are out and until he can see proven results or track records.

I also appreciated that Dr. Planchard was never afraid to pick up the phone and call another surgeon. If he ever had a question or needed more information, he would do his own research, or he would call the preeminent specialist from around the world and say, “I’ve got a patient that has this rare issue. Have you seen this before? And how would you treat it because this is how I would treat it, but I’m just curious?” That gives you incredible reassurance.

They are not a risk takers. If you come in and your vision is fluctuating, he will postpone your LASIK procedure because he is always aiming and striving for perfection.

Would you recommend Planchard Eye and Laser Center to others?

I already have. One of my relatives had her LASIK procedure at Planchard Eye and Laser center and LOVES her results.