Cataract Surgery Frees Janelle To Enjoy Her Hobby - Planchard Eye & Laser Center Cataract Surgery Frees Janelle To Enjoy Her Hobby - Planchard Eye & Laser Center
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My glasses always seemed to be in the way, and because I have other health issues, I could not wear contacts as my eyes were too dry. Like many people, I began wearing glasses in my 30’s because the print on everything seemed to be blurry all the time. Then, I developed cataracts, and knew I had to take care of my eyes.

My husband and I have always danced, and I just couldn’t dance in glasses. Everything was distorted and they were simply not comfortable. The fact of the matter is that I simply do not like glasses. They make me feel as if there is a fence around me, and I just wanted to be free to dance. I have a very small face, so glasses just don’t look right on me, and I never liked them.

My husband had cataract surgery at Planchard Eye and Laser Center, so I made an appointment for myself. I was not at all hesitant, and Dr. Planchard told me to wait a bit until the cataracts had developed more to insure the best outcome for my surgery. Frankly, I chose Dr. Planchard because I knew he was very experienced. We have been seeing him since we moved here from Dallas 15 years ago, and he is just an outstanding doctor.

The entire experience was wonderful. The staff explained everything to me thoroughly and always asked me if I had any questions during and after my appointments. They were so nice and so friendly, I simply cannot say enough about them.

Before I had the surgery, I could not drive because the lights had halos. Now I can see perfectly to drive. My husband and I still dance a little and this is made easier because our sight is so much be better, I have already recommended Dr. Planchard to friends and family because I was so satisfied with my surgery. I am very, very happy and cannot say enough about what wonderful people they are. I can’t thank them enough for tearing down that fence and giving me my freedom.