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General Eyecare

At the Planchard Eye and Laser Center, it is our sincere responsibility to provide excellence in eye care by delivering an unsurpassed level of service and patient care.  Our doctors and staff are dedicated to educate and inform our patients to enable them control of their eye health and vision for a lifetime.

Planchard Eye and Laser Center provides complete eye care for the whole family.  A comprehensive eye exam by either Dr. Planchard will evaluate not only how well you see, but also identify potential eye diseases.  Some eye diseases, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, can result in serious vision loss if not detected and treated early.  If you are over 35, you should have a comprehensive eye exam every two years.  Patients over 65 or with a family history of glaucoma, diabetes or diabetic retinopathy should have a yearly exam.

What to expect at your eye exam:

Your doctor will most likely dilate the pupils of your eyes, in order to better see the retina at the back of your eye.  You may want to consider making transportation arrangements, as your vision may be blurry for a few hours after dilation.

Your exam may include a:

  • Visual acuity or refraction test to determine the degree to which you may be nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism.
  • Muscle function test to check the movement of your eyes in each direction and at specified angles.  This test will identify any muscle weakness or involuntary eye movement.
  • Binocular vision skills assessment to ensure that your eyes work together properly as a team.  This is important for proper depth perception, eye muscle coordination and the ability to change focus from near to far objects.
  • Visual field test to measure your peripheral vision, the width of the area you can see when you’re looking straight ahead.  This test may also detect diseases of the eyes or neurological disorders.
  • Eye pressure test.  Your doctor may administer one or more tests to evaluate your intra-ocular pressure.  High intra-ocular pressure may be a sign of glaucoma.
  • Color vision screening to see if you perceive colors properly.
  • Eye health assessment using an ophthalmoscope.  This tool allows the doctor to evaluate your pupil responses, optic nerve, retina and lens.

We have state-of-the-art equipment which includes a Zeiss High DefinitionOcular Computerized Topographer (OCT) and a KONAN CellCheck XL which is an Endothelial Cell Counter which helps predict successful outcomes of cornea transplants, cornea grafts and cataract extractions.  In addition to this modern equipment, we also provide old-fashioned care and service.

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