Thomas A. Planchard, MD

The first impression most patients have of Dr. Tom Planchard is that he genuinely likes people and thoroughly enjoys his work helping them improve their vision. They quickly learn how good he is at listening – and at addressing their concerns and answering their questions. They come to appreciate his deep attention to detail, and his skills.

All of these attributes reflect both the dedication and confidence of a seasoned physician-surgeon in his prime.

“It’s not about doing `good enough`,” Dr. Tom Planchard says. “I want the best possible outcome for every individual patient.

“We pride ourselves on being leaders in the latest technology. We’ve done over 25,000 cataract and refractive eye surgeries. But every patient is unique and getting the best results begins with holding to that fact as our guiding philosophy.

“That’s why we take the extra time to understand and painstakingly diagnose each patient’s very specific condition and needs. That’s why we emphasize the latest equipment and the most precise, reliable techniques for diagnostics – as well as for the actual procedures.

“Vision is precious – and when patients place their confidence in us, we give every single one our very best.”

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