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In cataract surgery, the natural cloudy lens is removed and replaced with a clear, artificial intraocular lens (IOL) to improve vision. Intraocular lenses come in many different powers and sizes to compensate for each patient’s individual needs. For the best visual results after cataract surgery, precise measurements must be taken to determine which IOL to implant. The IOLMaster is a highly precise medical instrument which revolutionized all previous techniques and set a new standard for calculating IOLs, called optical biometry.

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IOL Calculators

Dr. Planchard wants you to have the very best visual results possible after cataract surgery. In order to achieve the best, he takes all available information into account when determining which IOL (intraocular lens) to implant. Instead of relying solely on the measurements from the IOL Master (which are highly accurate) he also uses other means of calculation based on the measurements obtained at your pre-operative appointment. Some of the calculations he relies on are listed below:

-HIC SOAP (Holladay)

-Barrett Calculators (Toric, True K, Universal)


None of these additional calculations have any cost to you, Dr. Planchard just wants your vision to be the very best it can be following your cataract surgery.

ORA – $100 per eye, not covered by insurance

ORA stands for Optiwave Refractive Analysis. It uses analysis of the eye to enhance accuracy and provide improved outcomes after cataract surgery.

While measurements are taken prior to cataract surgery to determine the type and power of the artificial lens implant, once the intraocular lens is removed, these measurements may no longer be exactly accurate.

The ORA system allows Dr. Planchard to get multiple measurements of your eye during your cataract surgery. This analysis gives Dr. Planchard the ability to make adjustments while the surgery is underway to ensure the very best possible results.

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