Our Technology

Patient satisfaction is our constant #1 goal. We take pride in providing the latest vision care technologies to further enhance patient visual results. The most modern and advanced Excimer Laser for refractive surgery by ALCON Laboratories, the WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser, is available at Planchard Eye & Laser Center.

Patients can now benefit and reach the next level in precision, accuracy and speed with refractive surgery technology. Paired with the Femto FS200 Laser for consistent and fast flap creation, the results are excellent; All-Laser-LASIK surgery is now faster and more precise than ever (ALCON).

Patients report excellent results, faster recovery time and sharper vision during the day and night (ALCON).

The innovative engineering in the WaveLight® EX500 helps to reduce post refractive surgery halos and glare (ALCON). The engineers who designed this equipment found that the speed of a 500 Hz shot produces the optimal shot velocity to perform the treatment in the least amount of time possible with the greatest safety (ALCON).

The WaveLight® EX500 has a powerful multidimensional dynamic tracker of eye movements which increases the laser’s precision, making sure that the correct treatment is given in the correct place for an excellent result.

This technology, paired with Dr. Thomas Planchard’s 20+ years of experience provide incredible results!

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